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Moving to a new country with your kids could at first be a daunting thought. What school they should go to is usually the main question. We at Ambassador Relocation understand how important it is to find a suitable school for your child. In accordance to your requirements we will find and recommend the most suitable international school for your kids.

There are more than 30 international schools and hundreds of international programs in local schools in Shanghai. We do understand it’s not easy to decide at first which is why we will arrange tours to the different schools where you can visit the facilities, environment and also meet the principal and relevant staff members.


Concordia Int’l School Shanghai 上海协和国际学校

345 Huangyang Road, Pudong 黄杨路345号

Tel: 5899 0380


Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong 上海德威外籍人员子女学校(浦东)

266 Lan’an Road, Pudong 蓝桉路266号

Tel: 5899 9910   


German School Shanghai 上海德国学校

350 Gaoguang Road, Qingpu 高光路350号

Tel: 3976 0555

1100 Jufeng Road, Pudong 巨峰路1100号  

Tel: 6897 5508

French School Shanghai 上海法国学校

350 Gaoguang Road, Qingpu 高光路350号

Tel: 3976 0555

1215 Jinjing Road, Pudong 金京路1215号

Tel: 6897 6589

Happy Marian Kindergarten 快乐玛丽安新蕾幼儿园

692 Changle Road 长乐路692号

Tel: 5403 0603

Hong Qiao Int’l School  上海虹桥国际学校

218 South Yili Road, Changning  伊犁南路218号

Tel: 6268 2074

Little Eton Bilingual Kindergarten 小伊顿双语幼稚园

592 South Wanping Road 宛平南路592号

Tel: 6469 0445   

Montessori School Shanghai 上海私立蒙特梭利幼儿园

21 Donghu Road 东湖路21号

586 Gaojing Road 高泾路586号

Tel: 5403 7699

Shanghai American School 上海美国学校

1600 Lingbai Rd, Pudong  凌白路1600号

258 Jinfeng Road, Minhang 金丰路258号

Tel: 6221 1445

Shanghai Community Int’l School 上海长宁国际学校

198 Hengqiao Road, Pudong 横桥路198号

1161 Hongqiao Road 虹桥路1161号

Tel: 6261 4338       

Shanghai United Int'l School 上海协和双语学校

999 Hongquan Road 虹泉路999号

Tel: 5175 3011

Soong Ching Ling Kindergarten 宋庆龄幼儿园

3908 Hong Mei Road 虹梅路3908号

Tel: 6242 9851

Stars and Stripes American Kindergarten 上海新世纪虹桥幼儿园

138 Yingbin San Road 迎宾三路138号

Tel: 6268 5006

Sunrise Montessori Int'l Preschool & Kindergarten 安琪儿幼稚园

No.2, lane 9 Hengshan Road 衡山路9弄2号

Tel: 6466 5309

The British Int’l School Shanghai / Nord Anglia 

111 Jinguang Road, Minhang 金光路111号

600 Kangqiao Ban Dao, Lane 2729, Hunan Rd 沪南路2729弄康桥半岛600号

Tel: 6221 7542

Wellington College Int'l Shanghai 惠灵顿国际学校

1500 Yaolong Road, Pudong 耀龙路1500号

Tel: 5185 3866

Western Int'l School of Shanghai 上海西华国际学校

555 Lianmin Road, Qingpu 联民路555号

Tel: 6976 6388

Yew Chung Int’l School 耀中国际学校

18 West Ronghua Road, Gubei 荣华西路18号

1817 Huamu Road, Pudong 花木路1817号

Tel: 2226 7666